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The MODUS FOODVISION® solu­tion for the food indus­try and trade offers compre­hen­sive and indus­try-speci­fic extensions and functionality in addition to the Microsoft standard package. Qualified employees, long experience and numerous reference projects make the CfMD-certified solution the perfect choice to cover all your indi­vi­dual requirements.

This inclu­des:

Sales & purchase

  • Phone sales (standard order)
  • SET and display handling
  • Mobile picking
  • Sales rep connection
  • Retail invoi¬cing (central settlement, bonuses, EDI, discounts, prices...)
  • Route management
  • Empties management
  • Waste disposal settlement (Duales System Deutschland 'Green Dot', etc.)
  • Food-speci¬fic picking concepts (picking shelf, fresh food, multi-level etc.)


Production & warehouse

  • Storage in several units
  • Shrinkage and lot size calculation
  • Process management
  • Graphical planning


Lot management

  • Lot tracking
  • Lot creation
  • Tracking available anywhere in the program and at all times

Production data acquisition & control

  • SPS
  • Scales / processing lines
  • FOM
  • Temperature / pH values / humidity
  • Price
  • taggers (automated/ semi-automated)
  • Mobile scanners
  • Machine data acquisition
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • Bar code and label creation (customer and decorative labels, EAN128, box labels, SSCC, pallets, etc.)


Quality management

  • Product specifications
  • Ingredients
  • Inspection orders
  • Supplier ratings
  • Shelf life management (turnover, inventory, labeling, planning, etc.)
  • Risk analysis in accordance with HACCP (process planning, work instructions, operations, corrective actions management) and GMP guidelines Certification support (IFS, BRC, ISO, etc.)


Financial controlling

  • Profit margin calculation
  • Recipe calculation (pre- / post-calculation)
  • Imputed costs, including accruals


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