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How are commodity prices currently developing? Is the machine output for production performing well? Do we have all manufacturing variants under control? From where do defective batches come? Answer the essential questions quickly and easily. As specialists, we are familiar with the key figures in your industry.

Excel spreadsheets become a clear picture.
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Are you worried that the effort and costs for qualified BI exceed your possibilities? We know what works, how it works, and how you can achieve significant added value with manageable resources in the right software platform for you.
With the right question, we qualify the appropriate data from various sources, which flow together meaningfully, are analysed and processed. This process is what we call transparency. For answers that make you smart.

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Next Level Business Intelligence. Do it yourself.

Our goal is to enable you and your employees to use BI solutions quickly and independently. We have much experience with this. We are happy to show you examples of where self-service BI can be used successfully.

See, understand, act. Five figures are enough at Assmann, as you can see in our video below.

MODUS M365 Power Service Data Analytics for NAV

Get the most out of your business data in real-time. It's easier than ever to connect your existing IT landscape with the possibilities of the cloud. Use the innovative hybrid approach of MODUS Consult to drive your business intelligence smart.

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