From Lead to Deal. From Deal to Lead.

This is the way to be present at every point of contact.
Always along the customer journey.

Accompany and address all touchpoints of your existing and potential customers. Integrate all channels and media: in the webshop and point-of-sale, in the social media, with videos and podcasts, newsletters, messenger services, and mobile apps, via live chat and bots, self-service portal and on the phone. Control all activities directly from your CRM system and expand your omnichannel step by step. Use links with artificial intelligence, machine learning and many other possibilities of the Microsoft Azure world. We are happy to support you.

Acquire, retain, activate and regain customers.
Almost automatically. All data anywhere and at any time.

Data become plans, measures, and sales successes. Reports become new ideas for motivated sales staff. Automated processes help to implement campaigns quickly and to maintain contacts continuously. As standardized as possible, as personalized as you need it. Microsoft CRM is flexible, easily scalable and available on any device. Also available as M365 Power Services Sales: the solution for Microsoft Azure that is immediately ready to go. Do the Cloud Readiness Check with us.

Microsoft Customer Engagement is profitable. For B2B as well as for B2C.

Field Service
Perfect Field Service with intelligent action planning and Remote Support.
Customer Loyalty
For customers who come back: Retail Loyalty programs.
Lead Management
For complex sales processes in B2B: from lead nurturing to the signature.

Many CRM projects get stuck. But why?


are not adequately and consistently maintained.


are not being tracked and requests not processed.


are overwhelmed by functionalities and specifications.


insight – because the potential is not being used.

CRM systems

are used as a monitoring tool instead of supporting your sales staff.

CRM + ERP = Added value Count on us.