Next level CRM.

Next level CRM. Understand customers. Inspire customers. Identify sales potential. Target customers and stay in touch. Qualify, nurture and grow contacts. Create appropriate marketing campaigns and convert leads. Support sales and drive service. Customer relationship management consistently aligns your business with the needs of your customers.

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement (Microsoft CRM) also offers seamless integration with ERP and business intelligence (BI) systems, as well as industry-specific integration. In the secure cloud or as part of your existing infrastructure.

You also benefit from Copilot, Microsoft's artificial intelligence.

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Data becomes plans, actions and sales results.
Reports become new ideas for motivated sales staff.

Automated processes help:
Teamwork is made easier. All relevant information is directly accessible.
And your customers benefit too: They experience perfectly coordinated communication with the right information at the right time.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE Sales is a data-driven CRM solution that seamlessly connects various business processes.

Scalable and secure - at all times.

The solution is highly customisable: Automation and AI make it possible to increase the efficiency of customer management. Lead scoring, sales forecasting and various analytics:

Microsoft Copilot supports you in many areas.

Flexibility is top priority: The information you need is managed centrally, so you can access it from any device:

on the move, in the home office, from a smartphone or PC.

„The introduction of Dynamics CE is a strategic investment in the heart of our business - the customer relationship.“

Sean Napierski,
Key Account Manager at OECHSLER

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Many CRM projects get stuck. But why?

is not entered correctly and consistently.

are not followed up, enquiries are not processed.

are overwhelmed by the features and functionality.

in sight - because the potential is not being realised.

CRM systems
are used as a control tool rather than to support the sales staff.


A CRM system is a software solution that systematically and partially automatically records customer data, customer contacts and customer interactions. The main objective is customer retention and acquisition. With CRM software, your company aligns marketing with customer needs and the sales process with customer acquisition. Your customers become fans of your company through seamless service support.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE includes a wide range of features and views that can be easily customised to suit your company's needs:

  • Customer master data
  • Customer history
  • Customer statistics
  • Address information
  • Time management
  • Reports
  • Forms
  • Task management
  • Data import and export
  • Integration of Microsoft Office 365 products
  • Email client
  • And much more

Microsoft's CRM system is a customer relationship management solution. It enables interactions at different levels that can be linked together. It connects marketing, sales and customer service. Internal collaboration becomes more productive through integration with Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

CRM stands for Customer Relation Management, which is nothing more than customer management or customer relationship management. In today's world, where projects and business processes are becoming increasingly complex, it is important that these customer processes are fully integrated into the existing IT environment and that workflows support a seamless, holistic business process. With the right CRM capabilities, you can improve your business processes and increase customer satisfaction. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement helps you achieve your goal of increasing and retaining customers.

As a dedicated Microsoft partner, we can help you move to the cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365:
SaaS in the cloud

The entire IT infrastructure, such as storage space and application software, is provided as a service via the Internet, the European Microsoft cloud. It can be operated via a web browser, the Microsoft Teams integration or completely via a mobile app. You benefit from comprehensive security concepts, the highest possible data availability and continuous development of the service. This means you always have access to the latest, tested software features to optimise your processes.

The software formerly known as Dynamics CRM is now called Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and consists of the following applications "Sales", "Customer Service", "Marketing" and "Field Service". These applications are all built on the common Dataverse platform and share a common data model. The pre-defined functionality can be easily integrated and extended.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM capabilities facilitate business relationships with your customers, prospects, and team members. It includes a collection of cloud applications for the management of the customer relationship from the first contact through to sales, service and service co-ordination.

Dynamics 365 CE can create reminders that can be used by sales reps to be more efficient down the line. For example, the CRM system can send a notification if a customer who has visited the website has not been contacted by a sales representative within a certain period of time. The user interface of Microsoft CRM, accessible via Outlook or Microsoft Teams, is worth highlighting. However, other CRM information is also used to manage calendar planning, email notifications and customer information.

The name says it all: Customer Engagement is nothing but a CRM solution aimed at customer retention. It adds real-time engagement to what used to be history management. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE (Customer Engagement), formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management), is designed to help you manage your customer relationships by:


  • Streamlining your processes
  • Centralising customer information
  • providing analytics


Like any other CRM software, Dynamics CRM consists of three components: Sales Automation, Marketing Automation and Service Automation.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, you know what your customers want - and this is how it works. By using the right professional marketing tools along your customer touch points, you can target customers, nurture existing contacts and develop new ones.
In order to meet the needs of your customers, existing and new customers are integrated and supported through a variety of channels and media. These customer touch points include phone, email, mobile apps, self-service portals, chats, newsletters and social media. Automated processes identify sales opportunities and turn data into valuable plans, actions and campaigns.

The Dynamics 365 world is a combined CRM and ERP platform that includes the full suite for ERP, BI, CRM and process automation. Unlike its predecessor, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE eliminates the traditional gaps between external (CRM) and internal (ERP) processes. Information such as order backlog, open items and contract information is seamlessly linked between the systems.