Your solution can integrate different systems and file formats.

The problem: a wide variety in every form. The solution: Standards for every process with Dynamics 365 and with the integration of ELO and Shareflex. It’s company-wide, customer-specific, and industry-specific. That’s typical for the holistic business-IT of MODUS Consult. Rely on ZUGFeRD: The consistent data format for receiving and sending electronic invoices facilitates automated processes, meets international standards and the requirements of audit-proof archiving. We integrate ZUGFeRD into your business solution.

MODUS ECM standardises compliance with all specifications.


Documentation Obligations



Industry Standards

Connect processes. Improve processes. This is how it works.

Invoice Processing
Channel and process incoming invoices faster than you can spell the word.
Applicant Management
Identify the right applicants. Find the right applicants fully automatically.
Contract Management
Know what's right and always do the right thing on time.
Knowledge Management
When everyone shares their knowledge and has access to the know-how of others.
Quality Management
Automatically manage all documents in compliance with standards, in a legally compliant manner and map all processes.
Digital File
All documents sorted by activity, project, customer, supplier ... use keywords, file it and find it again.

Next Level Business IT:
Your ECM with ELO.

The Electronic Leitz Organizer (ELO): a platform where all documents are accessible. In the only correct and current version. Accessible from all applications. Simple, transparent, process-related. Also, with connection to your SharePoint portal. This is how it works with MODUS Consult.

Less paper, but many challenges?
Electronic invoicing for beginners.

Here are the biggest challenges that companies must think about before introducing electronic invoicing. Typical problems that we at MODUS Consult know well and have often solved. Take advantage of our experience in all aspects of digital invoice management - from inbound processing to revision-safe archiving to outgoing invoices.


Source: ibi research: Elektronische Rechnungsabwicklung und Archivierung: Fakten aus der deutschen Unternehmenspraxis 2017

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