In-house operation, hybrid, from the cloud?

We answer the critical question about the appropriate operating model based on your existing infrastructure. We are providing that it fits your requirements of today, your challenges of tomorrow, your budget, and your human resources. We know from experience what is advisable in individual cases. We think about bandwidths, security, availability and archiving. We show you a way to enhance your infrastructure in reasonable steps.

MODUS M365 Cloud Readiness.

A power service from MODUS Consult: Create the basis to use Microsoft services from the cloud. With our innovative hybrid approach, you can combine your existing infrastructure with new cloud services.


We offer:

  • Hybrid infrastructure to push the boundaries of your IT,
  • Single Sign-On capability for barrier-free user experience,
  • comprehensive security concept and data protection,
  • Immediate use of all Microsoft Azure services.


Do the Cloud Readiness Check with us on a low budget. If you're ready, we'll set up your Azure account to use all Dynamics 365 applications. Best of all, you can also use MODUS M365 Power Services for the manufacturing industry. This is automation and digitalisation of the value chain at the highest level. Also available for machine learning, big data analytics, and other Industry 4.0 services.

On-screen for you.


Ensure data privacy and data security. We support you with Cyber Security at all levels. From secure email communication to the protection of sensitive company data.


Versatile conference systems enable a new quality of communication. We install the right solutions for every room and workplace.


Mobile working requires connectivity everywhere: stable Wi-Fi, high-performing wireless networks and a VPN connection for more security. We set it up correctly on compatible devices.

Use what pays off. Make the right investment with us.