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Automated filing, invoicing and signing in compliance with all legal regulations makes ELO the strongest workflow manager for documents.

Over 20 years of industry experience

Document management with ELO

The ELO software solutions support you in digitalizing and automating your paper-based work flows. This way, your company expertise is sustainably archived and accessible at any time. The electronic management of company information with ELO files creates a better infrastructure for secure, fast, effective and cost-saving business processes. ELO Enterprise Content Management Technology (ECM) provides all the functionality for an effective management, rapid utilization and secure control of any kind of information. There is little risk of expertise getting lost when employees get sick or leave the company.

Enterprise Content Management by ELO contains all functions and methods for an efficient collection, management, storage, preservation, controlling and provision of the entire company expertise. This expertise is in the employees’ minds and is also part of the various business data and document formats. ELO ECM solutions are designed so that they can unite relevant contents, business processes and people in a targeted manner in order to support organizational processes in companies.

See what document management can do for you!

Haven't you already experienced this as well? The constantly growing flow of paper and digital data can cause disadvantageous scenarios in the daily work flow of small and large companies. ELO produces relief.

No long search times anymore!

Today, in companies many analog and digital documents are filed in different places. This results in overflowing filing cabinets and chaotic multiple files in the system.

No expenditure of time for filing anymore!

Today, the conventional filing of paper documents are often folders and binders with the result that wrongly filed documents can hardly be retrieved and paper archives are constantly growing creating lack of space. In most cases only one person manages the analog information and complex supply channels.

No unnecessary additional document copies or unnecessary printing!

Thanks to document management you won’t need any printed daily transaction list or booking journals or other documents anymore. You save unnecessary printing costs and additional paper consumption.

Your benefits at a glance: Saving time, reducing costs and working lawfully

  • User-friendly intuitive use
  • Familiar layout for a fast conversion
  • Simple integration into Microsoft Office
  • Integration of external portals
  • Fast search and filing
  • Electronic optimization for business processes
  • Processing paper documents in an automated manner
  • Creating documents with integrated web content management
  • Connection to branch offices and foreign locations with multi language capability
  • Lawful and secure preservation of your business relevant data

Full integration by means of ELO modules and interfaces

In today's IT world software is expected to integrate into a heterogeneous system environment and react flexibly to the customer requirements. Ideally the software adjusts to corporate processes instead of the other way around. With ELO you receive a system platform with which you can seamlessly and efficiently interlock your entire IT world.

Unique and high-performance modules such as ELO Business Logic Provider (BLP) ensure a seamless integration into business applications (like ERP, CRM, CAD, email and portal) and facilitate a quite easy implementation of company-wide processes.

Based on the ELO product family ELO provides also a variety of modules as an extension for an optimal and customized ECM solution for your organization.

For an optimal connection with and integration into existing applications ELO offers interfaces to all common industry solutions and software programs as well as universal interfaces for the connection of individual applications.

ELO Business Logic Provider

The module ELO Business Logic Provider simplifies the work in companies. The ELO BLP integrates seamlessly in leading applications like ERP, CRM or other systems and integrates the ELO ECM system smoothly. The user benefits from easy to use information in his usual work environment and is supported optimally in their business processes. In this context the ELO BLP provides a continuous system which takes full account of the creation, editing, storage and sequencing control of documents and files.

MODUS ECM ArchiveLink

The module ECM ArchiveLink developed by MODUS Consult creates a highly integrated link between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the ECM system ELO. This way, the user benefits from the full functionality of a state-of-the-art DMS system. The module can be integrated into all Microsoft Dynamics NAV environments. ECM ArchiveLink links the various bits of information (incoming, outgoing and internal documents) to one business transaction (e.g. customer files, project files).

You can avoid redundant filing and replace it with logical links. With the familiar Microsoft Dynamics NAV user interface the training effort is minimized. The module provides different customizing options in order to cover the most complex requirements. Document-based business processes are optimized.


  • Full integration in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Automated, server-based filing and indexing of receipts
  • Allocation of documents in any format (e.g. email, CAD drawings) to Microsoft Dynamics NAV master files and process data
  • Research and direct access to the documents from Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Workflow management
  • Legally compliant and revision-safe long-term archiving
  • Takes the requirements of GDPdU and GOBs into consideration
  • Use of asynchronous basic technologies (web services, Microsoft Message Queue)
  • Bar code processing for indexing external documents (e.g. incoming invoices)
  • Automated processing of incoming invoices
  • Server-based email archiving
  • Qualified signature according to the regulation SigG

ELO Modules

Importing & processing

  • ELO Barcode - With ELO Barcode you can automate a time-intensive editing of paper documents. Scanned documents are automatically categorized by keyword.
  • ELO BLP - A unique solution with several awards for a complete ECM. Configuration of business logic and process support per design. Comprehensive integration of business software (ERP CRM etc.)
  • ELO Cold - Secure mass data transfer from IT applications. COLD indexes and archives automatically.
  • ELO DMS Desktop - Integrates the ELO archive in MS Office (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel). Available as a free extension to the ECM Suite or separately with an own ELO archive. Direct access to the archive in the same work environment.
  • ELO XML - process automated archiving of mass data.

 Identifying & classifying

  • ELO DocXtractor - Intelligent, automated classification and processing of incoming documents

Creating & managing

  • ELO Fulltext - Full text search including OCR for obtaining text information from image files
  • ELO Signature - Electronic, qualified signature and checking signatures with just one mouse click

Saving & protecting

  • ELO Backup - automated protection and carrying the categorization of documents. ELO Notebook Client - The full ELO ECM functionality for on the go.
  • ELO Replication - Automated replication of documents and data between multiple archive server/locations.

Displaying & searching

  • ELO Web Client - Location-independent document management in the World Wide Web.
  • ELO for Mobile Devices - The customized ECM app for iOS, Blackberry and Android. ELO Multi Client - Wide range of functions and intuitive handling.

ELO interfaces


  • ELO Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Seamless integration in the world of Microsoft Dynamics Navision. Documents are collected safely and are archived according to the regulations of AO GOBS and GDPdU in ELO.
  • ELO Microsoft Dynamics NAV - High-performance integration in the world of Microsoft Dynamics Axapta. Secure collection and archiving of documents in ELO according to the regulations of AO GOBS and GDPdU.
  • ELO for SAP - Powerful connection with SAP ECC, comfortable transfer of SAP documents into the ELO archive.
  • ELO Sage - Powerful connection of Sage with ELO DMS. Fluent processes and revision-safe archiving are ensured.
  • ELO inforCOM - Seamless connection with the world of inforCOM. Documents are collected safely and archived according to the regulations of AO GOBS and GDPdU in ELO.


  • ELO Microsoft Dynamics CRM - The connection of ELO with the CRM system by Microsoft extends the range of functions with regards to customer management sustainably.


  • ELO for SharePoint - ELO for SharePoint connects the flexible information portal Microsoft SharePoint 2013 with ELO and makes the benefits of both worlds accessible for the user.


  • ELO XC - Having the right information at the right time and in the right place. ELO XC also allows the email management besides the automated and revision-safe archiving of emails. 


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