Bring your company into the Cloud! This way, your company data are accessible worldwide at any time and in real time, are subject to the strictest data protection requirements, and your software is always up-to-date.

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Cloud - Business Management 2.0

Software rentals to gain access to your ERP data from (almost) anywhere

Access to real-time business information from (almost) anywhere

The cloud provides the user with internet applications that have been designed with easy access to web-based services in mind. View real-time data of your company on any device from almost anywhere in the world.

Cloud computing offers especially small and midsized businesses competitive pricing and scalability when using our powerful industry solutions. Benefit from our Subscription Licensing Model, and only rent as many user licenses per month as you really need. You don’t pay for the licenses because IT becomes a service (SaaS: software as a service). Subscription licensing is a simple and comfortable way to adapt your IT resources to current demand. Our scalable solutions ensure a quick response to market changes and offer great benefits for season sales: Add users during work-intensive months and just deactivate them when demand goes down.

Free updates, impressive data security

Still not convinced? Just take a look at the cost cuts you can make by not having to maintain your own IT infrastructure (e.g., servers). Free updates are also part of the rental agreement: No more paying for new software versions: Your users will always have access to the latest one available.

Data security is an important issue for cloud users. Contrary to some common worries, professionally maintained datacenters have much stronger security measures (data security, alerts, video surveillance, air conditioning, secured power supply, etc.) in place than most businesses. A cloud’s level of security is higher than if you had to maintain a server on your own.

To safeguard your enterprise data, MODUS Consult puts its trust in German datacenters that meet the strictest data protection standards on the books.

What can you do to use your data independent of location? Interested in our software rentals?

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