Microsoft Dynamics AX is the software for all corporate units and is especially suitable for the use of multinational organizations thanks for the 36 country versions.

Over 20 years of industry experience


The ERP solution for midsize and upper midsize businesses as well as large corporations with global reach

Dynamics AX provides bigger business with a streamlined global process chain and new opportunities on the world market. Expand your business into new countries while fully complying with the individual requirements of these new markets. Microsoft Dynamics AX entails country-specific modules to map the legal situation in 36 countries – including markets with high growth potential, such as Brazil, China, India, and Russia.

Microsoft Dynamics AX has been designed for ease of use and intuitive business processes across multiple locations. It creates easy-to-track workflows across the entire organization and supplies you with profound data sources for sound business decisions.

Individual company roles

An important feature of Microsoft Dynamics AX is its role-based design to facilitate day-to-day operations. The solution’s interface inspired by Microsoft Office provides employees with an intuitive user experience that will avoid extensive (and expensive) training courses. Take the initiative when it comes to making informed decisions, and provide your employees with easy-to-understand tools that will help them navigate the data flood and filter out the essentials.


Drive your success on the global stage

  • Role-based work centers for a less complicated, more effective, and focused workflow
  • Country-specific modules
  • Scalable architecture to grow your company
  • Easy-to-integrate applications with an intuitive interface for fast implementation
  • Quick and efficient processes to save you time for other things
  • Shorter in-house response times
  • Tailor-made and long-term customer relationship management
  • Networked, holistic approach with room for individuality
  • Expert knowledge of global project management
  • Industry-specific customizations to meet your needs

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