Track and Trace. A model of transparency.

Food buyers want to know where their purchases come from, and retailers must be able to prove their origin and guarantee quality in all stages of production. In the event of product defects, you need to be able to handle recall campaigns smoothly.
We help you to manage and document all processes confidently - and to react quickly and correctly in the event of a crisis or even to anticipate problems with the help of Social Listening.


All applications with a guarantee of freshness.

No matter how you work today:
We support you in raising your process quality to a new level. With a modern workplace environment that also offers mobile access to the latest data at any time. With ERP solutions that have been established and continually optimised for over 20 years and specially customised to the food and beverage industry. With interfaces that integrate subsystems perfectly.
We take you to the cloud and suggest hybrid offers.
We understand, mirror, improve.

We serve many food segments.

Prices under control.

With the precise figures in real-time. We show you what you can rely on, what you can expect and how much it pays off.

Software Snacks & Appy Meals. Try it now!

MODUS M365 Power Service FOODVISION.

It's easier than ever to connect your existing IT landscape with the possibilities of the cloud. Without moving entirely to the cloud. Use the innovative hybrid approach of MODUS Consult to drive the automation and digitalisation of your value chain smartly.
All you need is a Microsoft Azure account and the MODUS M365 Cloud Readiness Check. You can get started right away. In the office, in sales, in ERP, and so forth.