Pearl Chain Monitoring: Perfect threading.

We support you in mastering the supreme discipline of the supply industry.
With intelligent decision-making systems for just-in-sequence deliveries, that smoothly integrate into complex material flows.


That’s inside.

MODUS INDUSTRY covers all process steps of production and integrates all necessary data based on Microsoft Dynamics.
The system is standardised and modular, so it easily adapts to specific requirements for automatic order processing and complete transparency from construction to delivery.

Inquiry management - Output performance - Quality control - Graphical control station - Automatic batch correction - Production families - Plant integration - Tool management - Batch tracing - Rotary Table Machine planning - Optimisation of setup time - Project handling

Know what happens.

The future of production control operates foresighted.
With Predictive Analytics and Predictive Maintenance. Our analysis tools derive sound sales forecasts from existing data. Your machines report to the system before any malfunctions occur.
Your production becomes more efficient and failsafe.

Possible bottlenecks - and solutions powered by MODUS Consult.


get remote support on how to handle the programs easily.

Manufacturing Capacities

are increased by extended cavities and output.


such as CAD solutions or logistics processes become the best connections with MODUS INDUSTRY.

Machine downtime

is drastically reduced with proper tool management and optimised setup time.

Comprehensive planning.
Optimal controlling.
Let’s start together.