Enhance your company.

Manufacturing plants and machines are the heart of the industry. German Engineering is the essence that flows into every new solution. Innovations that drive and optimize manufacturing processes and value chains. At the same time, your company continues to develop itself. Always on the move to Next Level Engineering. No matter in which stage you are today: We take you to the Next Level with MODUS ENGINEERING.

    Predictive Maintenance
    Earlier and better adjusted to maintenance.
    Achieve more with your team
    Modern applications have a performance-enhancing and motivating effect with the same workforce.
    Prototype? Immediately!
    From CAD to 3D printing to manufacturing - everything is possible in no time at all.
    Field Service everywhere
    Instruct users in China. Live from the Black Forest.
    Machines to service platforms
    In the Internet of Things, machines become data hubs – also for new business models.

    We know where it squeaks.

    Manual Typing

    Complex Changes

    Rigid Standards

    Missing Interfaces

    Old Data

    Everything on screen.

    Everything is integrated, from CAD to CRM. Everything recorded, from master data to transaction data of added value — everything at a glance, from the sales pipeline to the self-service portal.

    IT solutions in mechanical engineering are essential.

    Productivity has taken a huge leap forward with the increased use of IT — time to take the next step.
    The fewer standard products and smaller batch sizes, the more useful IT becomes.

    Pick to order? Assemble to order? Configure to order? Engineer to order? Talk to me!