Rely on a high level of effective planning and coordination. MODUS INDUSTRY connects all your processes cross-location, cross-company and cross-national.

Over 20 years of industry experience


The software for the supplier industry.

MODUS INDUSTRY is an innovative and forward-looking ERP software solution which supports a high level of effective planning and coordination in your company. The enterprise software maps all processes from planning through the production flow and quality assurance to shipping including invoicing.

Due to its flexibility and innovation capacity the supplier and process industry is associated with technical progress more than any other medium-sized industry.

Therefore, you benefit from an innovative and forward-looking ERP software solution which supports a high level of effective planning and coordination in your company. MODUS INDUSTRY connects all your processes cross-location, cross-company and cross-national.

We know from our 20 years of experience in the supplier industry that machine utilization and sequence planning are fundamental requirements in your industry. We are also aware of the meaning of setup planning, scheduling and maintenance planning of machines, and this is included in our industry solution in accordance with high quality standards.

We take batch tracing into consideration from the perspective of the raw material and delivered products. Additional features like form and variant management or tools management, which allow also a amortization calculation, ensure that you can control and modify your processes and orders, if necessary.

MODUS Consult supports you and provides advice. We support you with a high-performance process data acquisition by intelligently integrating your machines and plants. Rely on a modern and integral IT solution which is tailor-made exactly for the functional scope of your company and your individual demands.


  • Deposits handling
  • Bi-directional Microsoft Word integration for quotation entry
  • Concurrent manufacturing
  • Graphical rough and detailed planning in the control station
  • Project-oriented manufacturing (one-off manufacturing)
  • Traffic-light controlled online progress and cost control.
  • Rotary-table type machine planning
  • Integrated central production control
  • Consistent batch tracing for source and cross-reference verification
  • Machine specific performance data for calculating the setup times and cycle times.


  • MES production data acquisition machine and personnel data acquisition process data visualization
  • Machine conditions
  • Workflow management
  • Quality control management support ISO/TS 16949
  • Time management
  • Variant configurator
  • Planning of rotary table-type machine supply chain (EDI) automotive integration
  • Packaging management
  • Dispatch management and export

R.Stahl AG

Explosion protection with STAHL AG

R. STAHL group is a supplier of components, products and systems for an electronic explosion protection. Whether it is lighting systems for helidecks, defroster systems for icebreakers or control elements of large refineries - the products of R. STAHL AG ensure highest protection for humans and machines in explosive areas. The corporate group has around 1,200 employees in total, among them 870 employees in Waldenburg Germany. Operational subsidiaries in 20 countries and more than 50 representatives worldwide ensure sales around the world and customer support on-site.

Reporting and master data maintenance in different applications caused high manual effort in foreign subsidiaries. The insight into the global processes and figures was very limited. R. STAHL AG decided to introduce MODUS ENGINEERING based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV in all foreign subsidiaries. The reason for this was the flexible program structure, the easy customization to the group software SAP and the sales software Microsoft CRM, the ease of use and international availability of standard business software. The goal was to benefit from a lean and optimized business process, a unified and transparent data processing and transparent management information. Due to the industry solution MODUS ENGINEERING it was possible for the first time to unified processes and reporting also internationally and to avoid redundant data maintenance.

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"From my experience, with the help of an ERP system our employees can work fully independently with the system and within a short amount of time. And this not only refers to simple applications such as debtors or creditors but also to the whole process volume. We experienced this in China as much as in the USA and Europe." Matthias Hille, International Project Manager Microsoft Dynamics NAV, R. STAHL AG points out.


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