MODUS FURNITURE offers an integral solution across the entire value chain of the furniture industry. The modular design of the solution allows you to individually select which features support your products best.

Over 20 years of industry experience


The software for the furniture industry

A modern IT for a strong market position

As a European furniture manufacturer you are also part of the progressing globalization. MODUS Consult supports you as a competent, reliable IT systems house when optimizing your production processes consistently and to have an overview of your financial figures at any time, on a national and international level. That way, you can react quickly to sales fluctuations and take countermeasures accordingly.  With MODUS FURNITURE we offer you an efficient and practice proven software solution for your industry-specific requirement based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. MODUS Consult provides you with competent support for all of your problems such as e.g. with the support of our management of variants.  

Cost reduction and profit maximization through automation

With our industry-specific EFP all-in-one solution MODUS FURNITURE based on Microsoft Dynamics we provide you with a consistent increase of your automation levels and a visible cost reduction in all business units of your organization. Due to the transparency of your processes you can reduce the complexity of your production and while considerably lowering your error rate. Now, you can build on an innovative and future-oriented ERP software solution which leads to processes that interlock across locations, companies and countries. All requirements from raw materials procurement through administration and production to trade are covered resulting in an immediate increase of your profitability.


  • Safe basis for your decisions by covering all processes of the furniture industry
  • Efficient productions planning and control with freely definable calculation schemes
  • Integrated workflows and high operative transparency in the entire organization
  • Modern and intuitive user interface
  • Compliance requirements in accordance with audits
  • Innovation safety and secure scalability
  • Short implementation times and fast ROI 

Transparent information for the right corporate decisions

The furniture industry requires reliable and flexible information management because of strong competitive pressures and growing internationalization. The modular design MODUS FURNITURE allows you to individually select which features best support your products. This way, the IT solution can be integrated seamlessly in existing IT structures in your company.

Rely on a modern and complete IT solution with a functional scope customized to your organization - nothing more and nothing less, but exactly focused on your needs!


  • Graphic order collection and planning
  • Integrated quotation and order processing
  • Furniture-specific variants generator
  • Consistent variants determination, price calculation and bonus determination
  • Special sales information system (CRM)
  • Control of the routes and installation capacities
  • Mapping of all customer and association structures customary within the industry
  • Integrated central production control
  • Business information manager (BIM) for comprehensive evaluations and analysis.


Mapping individual customer requirements fully automatically

The ideal solution for manufacturing companies with complex, variant-related product structure 

The MODUS CONFIGURATOR integrated in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is especially suitable for the production and the trade of products that have to fulfill specific customer requirements regarding dimensions, materials, colors and equipment. The solution is especially applicable for the requirements of manufacturing companies with a complex, variant-related product structure but also for trading companies 

with product variants. Despite a large variety product processes are rationalized This way, sources of error are eliminated, business processes are made transparent and the product quality is enhanced. The base of the solution is the classification system which makes all basic functions available for the variant system in order to define the properties and equipment. When entering orders the user is supported effectively as the system pre-defines standard values and proposes accepted designs. Then the system fully generates parts lists and work plans, checks the availability of components and identifies manufacturing costs, prices, production times and capacities.

Fast price calculation

The price calculation with the MODUS CONFIGURATOR allows archiving base prices based on defined standard specifications. In addition, a mark-up and deduction calculation is performed via the entered characteristics with the help of amounts, percentage values or via values calculated by formulas. Variant price lists can be adopted fast and without any problems to another price list with a reference and a factor.



  • Freely definable class lists of characteristics
  • Product description and clarification of design attributes during the collection of quotations
  • and orders
  • Flexible definition of valid characteristics.
  • Assessment of completeness and combinatory of the data for the product characteristics.
  • Price calculation and invoicing for the different product variants.
  • Embedded intelligence about formulas and rules
  • Generation of order-specific product structures, parts lists and working plans
  • Availability check for the order components and their disposition
  • Full integration in Microsoft Dynamics NAV


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