Modern data centers for a customized solution

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Data centers

Modern data centers for a customized solution

Traditional data centers are mostly historically grown combinations of isolated solutions of various server, storage and network products of several generations of manufacturers and technologies.

Most data centers were planned and implemented according to requirements and emphasis defined in the past. However, these days, no one wants to accept a failure of the ERP system for several hours or of the email system or the file server for an entire workday. We create solutions for this! We combine products of market-leading manufacturers in order to design the optimal IT infrastructure for you.

We offer you solutions that grow dynamically with your company, that bear the lowest follow-up costs and adjust to your needs. With us you won’t have to decide between solutions that are too big or too small. Our solution for you is fully customized to your organization.

Server virtualization

Security providing full growth potential

In past years the virtualization of servers has developed from a niche solution into an industry standard. Over 80% of organizations already use a virtualization solution for servers and virtualize most of their servers. The technology and market leader is VMWare with their product VMWare vSphere. Microsoft occupies the second place in the market with their product Hyper-V.

From the technology point of view the virtualization of servers enables the operation and consolidation of several completely separated Windows and Linux server or a smaller number of hardware servers. Each individual virtualized server can be installed and configured as needed.

In the past, the costs savings by a smaller number of hardware servers which had to be purchased were often the decisive reason for using a virtualization software.

But today, the virtualization products which have developed tremendously over the past years offer even more valuable features for your organization.

Higher availability of virtualized servers

VMWare as well as Microsoft offer features in their solutions which allow for change to another server in case of a hardware server breakdown. This way, it is possible to achieve a significantly higher availability than with a hardware server or individual virtualization servers. While in the past an important service like ERP or email was not available for an entire day in case of the breakdown of a hardware server, those services are now ready to be used after just a few minutes if hardware fails.

Faster backup and recovery

Due to the strong data growth the backup of hardware servers with traditional backup programs is so time-intensive that a complete backup can only be performed during weekends. In case a server has to be backed up completely hundreds of gigabytes have to copied from the backup to the new hardware first. Since the new hardware is much more up-to-date than the original server the drivers have to be adjusted next or a new basic operating system has to be installed. Due to the combination of current virtualization software with modern protection solutions the time needed for the backup is reduced significantly. In practice, we have achieved a reduction of backup time from several days to only a few hours. Modern backup solutions communicate with installed programs, virtualized servers and

virtualization solutions, thus achieving efficiency, data integrity and speed which was previously unavailable. Now you can create a complete backup every day and, if required, several times a day, and your users won't even notice.

Higher stability of virtualized systems

Separate server systems especially designed for each product can be configured and used for specific solutions. This provides you with maximum reliability. Today, compulsory combinations of several installed products, which were inevitable in the past and often created problems, are not necessary anymore. This makes the maintenance of systems much easier and increases the performance and stability of systems partially considerably.

Scalability – in terms of budget, availability and performance 

Our virtualization solutions provide the possibility to continue to fully use the software and hardware components from the smallest entry-level solution with one server to the highest performing network with storage grid. You will not lose any portion of your investment in case of growth or increasing requirements and it will not be necessary to take a component out of service prematurely.

With our solutions you will start with a version matching your needs now and in the near future. If required, you can scale almost endlessly and extend the areas in which your requirements have changed.


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