One module for all waste disposal billing systems

Simply set up any number of waste disposals accounting systems, such as ARA, Duales System Deutschland (DSD), Landbell or Interseroh. With the Disposal management module, the appropriate parameters for packaging and disposal can be added for each item, customer and billing system.
Based on the sales, the module determines the quantity of packaging by setting parameters and calculates the charges to be paid to the disposal companies.



The Disposal management module offers the possibility:

- to assign customers and ship-to addresses to the respective disposal systems.
- to maintain separate packaging categories (e.g. tinplate, plastics, etc.) for each disposal system
- to set up the same codes for the same packaging categories for different disposal systems.
- to define separate prices with a validity period (start and end date) for the disposal system in combination with the packaging category.
- to set up separate packaging lists for each waste disposal system and assign different packaging categories to them.
- also to set up identical packaging lists for different waste disposal systems.

A copy function supports the copying of complete packaging lists (header and lines) to another waste disposal company.

- to assign packaging lists to individual items.

If these items are sold, their packaging is automatically included in the waste disposal billing.

to print billing documents for DSD, ARA, Landbell and Interseroh.
- to prepare the notification to the "Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister".

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