With the MODUS Configurator complex products with many variations are also fully integrated in your IT system.

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The ideal solution for manufacturing companies with complex, variant-based products

The MODUS CONFIGURATOR integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV is especially suitable for the production and trade of items that have to fulfill certain customer requirements regarding dimensions, materials, colors, and design. The software solution has been specifically tailored to meet the requirements of manufacturing companies with a complex, variant-based product structure, but can also be used by retail and wholesale businesses selling different product variants. It will streamline business operations, eliminate sources of error, make processes easier to track, and enhance product quality.

The classification system is at the heart of this software solution. It entails all essential functions to specify attributes and design characteristics of product variants. It also provides considerable support during order capturing by pre-filling fields with default values and suggesting permissible variants. The application will then create complete BOMs and routings, check component availability, and determine production costs, prices, manufacturing times and capacities.

Quick pricing

The pricing functionality of MODUS CONFIGURATOR empowers users to comfortably store basic price structures based on default attribute values. The capturing of attributes will also trigger calculations for charges/discounts based on amounts, percentage values, or formulas. Additionally, users have the option of including a factor and an identifier to make variant prices part of other price lists.

Simpler processes and significantly improved quality

MODUS CONFIGURATOR is an effective tool even for the enhancement of retail and wholesale workflows. It handles item searches, supports and facilitates product configuration, and determines sales prices based on basic price structures and charges as well as discounts. Use of the module will reduce the number of items, routing positions, and BOMs, and minimize the maintenance of all product-specific master data. It will also make administrative tasks easier to deal with and help tap your streamlining potential. The inclusion of formulas and rules expertise in order capturing and production will help avoid inaccurate and incomplete item descriptions early on, and dramatically reduce the risk of errors in manufacturing. MODUS CONFIGURATOR can be fully integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics NAV standard application. The basic modules of Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be used to search for or explode variants in any kind of situation, from simple business transactions in purchase and sales to complete net requirement analyses during manufacturing. With MODUS CONFIGURATOR, you’ll get a MODUS Consult solution tested and certified by Microsoft – and completely in line with your own, individual business requirements.

Easy-to-understand categories and easy-to-use item and variant search

The classification system is the core functionality of MODUS CONFIGURATOR and enables users to specify attributes, attribute bars, and the validation rules for product configuration. Attribute bars are stored as classes and can be assigned to an item. Entering attribute values of an item in purchase or sales will create a standard text block as a combination of continuous text and attribute value descriptions. A modern, user-friendly shortcut technology in variant setup will make it as easy as possible to use the search option and the highly efficient filter technologies of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in order to find the right item or item variant in a matter of seconds. Benefit from MODUS CONFIGURATOR and get rid of duplicate data or avoid it altogether. Or use your own sorting criteria to group item data for financial management however you like.


  • Customize attribute bars
  • Add product descriptions and identify variant attributes during quote/order capturing
  • Specify your own approved attribute values
  • Have attribute values checked for completeness and against allowed combinations
  • Price and invoice the most diverse range of product variants
  • Utilize formulas and rules
  • Create order-specific item structures, BOMs, and routings
  • Check on the availability of order components and their supply
  • Benefit from a solution fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV


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